Systematic Approach to Training
Dr. Christian Schoenfelder
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
as well as related
of technical training
Consulting and Project Management activities
(Pudelko C.; Schönfelder C.)
Training to Support Standardization and Improvement of Safety I&C Related Verification&Validation Activities
Training in a Plant Modernization Project
(Ammon G.; Schönfelder C.)
Current Challenges for Education of Nuclear Engineers: Beyond Nuclear Basics
(Schönfelder C.)
Support of a University Master Course by a Nuclear Supplier
(Bajer T.; Glaubrecht S.; Schönfelder C.; Slugen V.)
Design and Development of Training for Managers of a Nuclear Operator
(Geisser R.; Landefeld R.; Schönfelder, C.; Starynska A.)
Next Generation of Human Resources for GEN (Generation) III+ New Build Projects
(Baltin G.; Glaubrecht S.; Schönfelder, C.)
Polish Experience in the Preparation of the Nuclear Program and the Education of Students in Cooperation with AREVA
(Niewinski G.; Mazgaj P.; Swirski K.; Baltin G.; Glaubrecht S.; Leyer S.; Schönfelder C.; Blotas B.; Moussavi M.; Rozwadowski A.)
Qualification and Certification Procedure for Instructors in the Nuclear Field Applicable to Both Experienced and New Trainers
Current Challenges for Education of Nuclear Engineers: Beyond Nuclear Basics
(Schönfelder C.)
(Rödig P.; Schönfelder C.)
Development of Human Resources for GEN (Generation) III+ New Build Project
(Schoevaerts D.; Schönfelder C.)
The ENEN-III Project: Technical Training on the Concepts and Design of GEN IV Nuclear Reactors
(Alonso M.; Berkvens T.; Renault C.; Salomaa R.; Schönfelder C.)
Supplementing Nuclear Education at Universities with Industry Know-How and Experience
(Schönfelder C.)
Training for Offshore Wind Farms – Examples and Experiences
(Schönfelder C.; Stübe U.)
Successful Training Development and Implementation in Plant Modernization Projects
(Schönfelder C.)
Transition of Fusion Research towards Industrial Realization – a Need for Skills Development
(Lopes Cardozo N.; Schönfelder C.)
Implementation of Digital Safety Related I&C Systems at Nuclear Power Plants - A Systematic Approach To Training
(Rödig P.; Schönfelder C.)
New Training Material Management System - Tasks and First Experiences
(Kummer S.; Schönfelder C.)
Implementation of a Training Material Management System – Needs and Benefits
(Kummer S.; Schönfelder C.)
Securing the Necessary Human Resources for the Long-Term Operation of German Nuclear Power Plants, Part2 , Contribution of the Plant Supplier
(Mandl R.; Schönfelder C.)
Nuclear Renaissance in The Reactor Training of AREVA
(de Braquilanges B.; Napior A.; Schönfelder C.)
Conceptual design and construction of advanced Nuclear Power Plants: Training and Human Resource Considerations
(Schönfelder C.)
Innovative Training Methods for NPP Operators’ and Suppliers’ Personnel
(Schönfelder C.)
16th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE16), Orlando, Florida, USA, May 2008
Nuclear Industry Trainee Program for Newly Recruited Engineers
(Imhäuser M.; Schönfelder C.)
Personnel Training within a Plant Construction Project – Concept and Implementation
(Baltin G.; Schönfelder C.)
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2011 and earlier
Training to Support Standardization and Improvement of Configuration Management Activities
(Dauber V.; Scheffer N.; Schönfelder C.)
Evaluation of Web-Based Training Courses By Means of Criteria on Learning Support
(Keefer F.; Geisser R.; Schönfelder C.)
Awareness Training Of Design Engineers
(Geisser R.; Schönfelder C.)
On-the-Job Training in New Build or Plant Modernization Projects - A Task Oriented Approach
(Schönfelder C.)
Learning Readily: How Can Learning in Flow Be Promoted Through Web-Based Training?
(Keefer F.; Geisser R.; Schönfelder C.)
Success Factors of International Education and Training Networks
(Cizelj L.; Ambrosini W.; Jaspers R.; Schönfelder C.)