Systematic Approach to Training
Dr. Christian Schoenfelder
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
as well as related
of technical training
Consulting and Project Management activities
My Personal Data Born 1949 in Köln (Cologne), Germany My Education Diplom Physicist (University of Cologne) PhD in Physics (University of Cologne) My Professional Career Employers AREVA GmbH Framatome ANP GmbH Siemens AG Interatom GmbH Positions Senior Advisor Training Manager Training Center Section Manager Project Manager Project Engineer System Engineer
My Professional Activities
Design, development, and implementation of technically oriented training of AREVA personnel, and training of customer personnel (personnel from Nuclear Power Plants, utilities, regulators, expert organizations) Worldwide consolidation and harmonization as well as continuous improvement of AREVA training methods, processes and tools (e.g. Computer Training Systems) based on the Systematic Approach to Training as supported by the IAEA Developing and maintaining contacts in national and international training organizations Bid manager for development of training packages (several hundred course weeks) for NPP*) new build offers in Europe, Asia, Africa Project Manager for training of operation and maintenance personnel in an NPP*) Lifetime Extension project Project Manager for training of a GEN III+ (3 rd Generation NPPs) new build NPP*) operation and maintenance personnel Consulting for an NPP*) decommissioning project, development of related project structure and project procedures Management of various training programs for operation and maintenance personnel of (nuclear, gas turbine, combined cycle) power plants in Europe, America, Asia Project Management for Development of Computer Training Systems (e-learning) Marketing and Sale of training supplies and services Sale, development and maintenance of modules for a Plant Management System Quality management of development process and software product Development, maintenance, customer support, training related to information systems supporting workflow, controlling, and product data management in technical plants Development, validation, and maintenance of power plant simulation software (computational fluid dynamics, e.g. ROLAST, SAPHYR, PHOENICS), application of simulation software in design studies and in licensing activities for German Pressurized Water Reactor / Boiling Water Reactor / Fast Breeder Reactor projects as well as applications in other technical areas (e.g. automotive)
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*) Nuclear Power Plant