Systematic Approach to Training
Dr. Christian Schoenfelder
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
as well as related
of technical training
Consulting and Project Management activities
Over 20 years’ experience in
managing, designing, developing and implementing diverse training projects for different types of power plants in Europe, Asia, and America, including large-scale training projects with several hundred course weeks, and an extensive network in the international education and training community; many results presented and published on international conferences
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Focus of my services
Analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of technical training Preparation, organisation, execution and monitoring of large-scale training programs (also in connection with preparing invitations to tender or responding to these) Development and implementation of related process maps, process descriptions, work or project instructions, Consulting on issues related to the items listed above
Systematic Approach to Training is a performance-oriented approach that provides a logical progression from the identification of the competencies required to perform a job to the development and implementation of training to achieve these competencies, and subsequent evaluation of this training.
ANALYSIS of jobs and training needs DESIGN of training programs DEVELOPMENT of training material IMPLEMENTATION of training EVALUATION of training effectiveness